Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitment

Over the last year, we have worked hard to know more about our people and our customers. The systems that we have put in place enable us, more than ever before, to understand the diversity and inclusion issues which really matter.

Our equality, diversity and inclusion objectives for the next three years build on this foundation. While the objectives are ambitious, we are confident that they are attainable. Each of the objectives in the document below is directly linked to our business priorities and objectives. We look forward to the work ahead to mainstream diversity and inclusion into our activities, moving beyond compliance to best practice because it is good for our business.

Student Loans Company Chairperson, Christian Brodie                        Student Loans Company Chief Executive, Steve Lamey

Christian Brodie                       Steve Lamey

Non-Executive Chair                  Chief Executive Officer


Annual Report 2017

Objectives update report

Monitoring reports