Structure of the company

Overall operational control is in the hands of a company board. Chaired by Christian Brodie it comprises the Chief Executive, five Non-Executive Directors and the Company Secretary.

The current structure of our organisation was put in place in April 2014 and comprises two front line directorates and three supporting directorates. Its key objectives are to:

  • Create a structure and capabilities to help achieve the vision;
  • Support delivery of the mission including re-balancing the organisation to shift focus and resource more evenly between the back office and front office;
  • Improve the collective sponsorship of, and support for, the Transformation Programme;
  • Reflect the growing importance of the loan book as a significant national asset and bring focus and additional investment to Repayments;
  • Support improved customer focus and stakeholder management;
  • Remove structural barriers to cohesion, effective decision making and ease of collaboration and introduce clearer responsibility and accountability;
  • Create a structure to help deliver the Government/SLC digital agenda;
  • Increase our capacity and capability to on-board or pursue growth opportunities.

Our directorates

Overseeing the front line and supporting directorates of the company are the Executive Leadership Team, comprising of five executive directors and headed by the Chief Executive, Steve Lamey.

Customer Services and Operations

The largest directorate within the company manages the annual application cycle from assessment to payment. Responsible for our day to day services, it incorporates those areas responsible for communicating with our customers; fully involving them in service design and using their feedback to continuously improve quality of service.

Repayments, Counter Fraud and Commercial

The directorate is at the heart of our renewed and redoubled focus on our Repayments service, a key priority being to work with HMRC and BIS to increase the yield and value of the loan book. Its departments are also responsible for managing effective counter-fraud and error-reduction activities in line with our commitment to manage public money responsibly.

Finance, Strategy and Corporate Services

The directorate provides strong financial management alongside customer focused corporate services. Responsible for helping to shape and translate Government policy for all four UK Administrations, as well as engaging with our partners, stakeholders, the media and the general public.
We recognise that our people are critical to our success and underpin everything we do. The directorate provides the supporting mechanisms vital to ensuring staff have the skills and capabilities required to deliver services for our customers and stakeholders both now and in the future.

Digital, Transformation and Technical Services

The second largest of our directorates is responsible for the development and maintenance of our IT systems, fulfilling funding applications and managing loan accounts to secure the recovery of funds.
Our Transformation Programme is the key enabler in delivering our vision of being a digital, customer-focused, centre of excellence. The directorate is responsible for overseeing the replacement of our aging core systems with proven, industry standard banking and security solutions.