Making a complaint

Tell us and we will do our very best to put it right. If you are unhappy with the service we have provided please let us know as soon as possible.

When things go wrong

Most problems can be put right quickly by phoning us and speaking to one of our dedicated advisors.

If they are unable to resolve your concerns, you may wish to follow our formal complaints procedure, set out in the document:

Before you complain, does this help?

I'm a parent and I want information about my child's student support application. Why won't you give me the information I need?

Why aren't my password and secret answer working?

I don't live with my parents so why are you asking them for information about their income?

I think my loan has been repaid in full, so why is my employer still taking deductions from my salary?

I've just received a statement of my student loan, why don't the deductions that were taken from my salary last month appear on it?

How can I repay my ICR account if I live and work abroad?

How is interest calculated and what's the current interest rate on my loan?

I'm currently on the Repayment of Teachers Loans Scheme. Why can't I access my account information online?

How to complain

You can make a formal complaint by:


If you would like to make a complaint via telephone, please call:

  • 0300 100 0601


If you would like to make a complaint via email, you can either contact us at:

or complete the form below and email this to the address above:

You can use the Online Customer Complaint form and email address to:

  • Make a new complaint
  • Escalate an existing complaint if you've already had a response from our Customer Relations Unit and are unhappy with the response
  • Check on an existing complaint

One of our advisors will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days of receiving it.


If you would like to make a complaint in writing, please send a letter to us at:

Customer Relations Unit
Student Loans Company Limited
100 Bothwell Street
G2 7JD

What we will do

Our dedicated team will investigate your complaint and provide a response within 15 working days of receipt. If we are experiencing any delay we will keep you informed.

We aim to resolve all complaints in our response but if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation you can ask for a Senior Manager to review your complaint. Please confirm why you remain dissatisfied to help us resolve any outstanding issues you may have. The Senior Manager will respond in writing within 15 working days of this request.

If you are not satisfied with the response from the Senior Manager and your complaint remains unresolved you can ask for it to be escalated to an Independent Assessor. Independent reviews are carried out by one of the Independent Assessors appointed by the Department for Education.

Full details of our complaints procedure can be found in the above attached "How to make a Complaint" leaflet.

Appealing against a decision by Student Finance England in regards to funding

For students to appeal against Student Finance England's decision on their funding: