Loans for living costs

The Student Loans Company administers undergraduate maintenance support to eligible students who live in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Maintenance Loan

The Maintenance Loan is the main student loan product for living costs for full-time undergraduate students and those on initial teacher training courses.

It comprises a:

  • non-financially assessed portion, which all students who are eligible for the loan can receive;
  • financially assessed portion, which depends on household income.

Maximum entitlement is affected by:

  • the devolved government which sets the maximum rate of entitlement for the award body students need to apply through
    • Student Finance England
    • Student Finance Wales
    • Student Finance Northern Ireland
    • Students Awards Agency for Scotland;
  • where a student lives for studying:
    • parental home
    • away from parental home
    • away from parental home and within in London
  • year of course:
  • entitlement to other financial support, such as NHS bursaries.

Maintenance Loans are paid directly to the student in:

  • three instalments, if they've applied through Student Finance England/ Student Finance Wales/ Student Finance Northern Ireland; or
  • monthly, if they've applied through the Student Awards Agency for Scotland and are studying at a Scottish university or college.

All Maintenance Loans are repayable and accrue interest.

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