Student Finance Stakeholders Operations Group

Student Finance Stakeholders Operations Group

The Stakeholder Operations Group contribute specialist insight, knowledge and expertise to support SLC to deliver successful student finance services.

The group do this by working closely with us to analyse and challenge the operational performance of our services, identify student issues at a local level and input to the development and design of future student and HEP services and processes, and to our customer marketing campaigns.


Chair - Academic Registrars Council

Sharon Harrison-Barker


AMOSSHE, The Student Services Organisation

Jayne Aldridge


Income Section Manager Finance and Planning Newcastle University

Karen Carvell


Higher Education Liaison Officers Association

Robbie Pickles


Higher Education Strategic Planners Association

Jackie Njoroge / Amanda Watson


National Association for Managers of Student Services

Wayne Dewick


National Association of Student Money Advisers

Phil Davis / Lynne Condell


National Union of Students

Alan Roberts


Open University (part-time)

Sarah Butterworth


Student Records Officers Conference

Ray Lock


Universities and Colleges Admissions Service

Carys Fisher


Department for Education

Douglas Leckie


Welsh Government

Meinir Collyer


Student Loans Company

Derek Ross


Meeting dates

The Student Finance Stakeholders Operations Group meets monthly and holds a weekly teleconference during peak processing times from May to October.

Key agenda points from previous meeting

18 October 2017
The Stakeholder Operations group discussed Student Finance England and Student Finance Wales operational performance noting that: circa £2 billion in Tuition Fee payments had been successfully paid to universities and colleges at the first payment point on 18th October; the processing and contact position remained challenging due to ongoing resource pressures. The group discussed SLC priorities being progressed in relation to customer service enhancements, including identifying and routing complex customer queries to specialist advisers. They input to a discussion on customer marketing plans and activity for 2018/19, including repayments marketing.