Loan repayment

Your guide to how the student loan repayment system works

Repayment plan types

No matter where you studied in the United Kingdom, the way you'll repay your student loans will be the same.
However, there are differences in the rules of loan repayment; this is because England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have separate policies that govern student finance.

The terms of loan repayment for courses of study started before 01 September 2012, and those started after 01 September 2012, are different.
We refer to these different terms as repayment 'Plan 1' and repayment 'Plan 2'.

Find out your repayment plan type

Answer the following questions, work out which repayment Plan you have and we will direct you to the correct information.
* EU students: in answer to the first question, choose the country you studied in.

When you first applied for your student loan in which country was your home address?


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