What We Do

The SLC administers government funded loans and, in some Administrations, grants to HE and FE learners, on behalf of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, in line with the policy aims of the relevant Administrations.

The primary roles of SLC are to:

  • Deliver appropriate information to all customer groups at the right time and in the right form;
  • Deliver financial support to eligible students and learners pursuing higher and further education in accordance with the student support regulations and relevant public policy objectives. In Scotland, this is done in partnership with the SAAS;
  • Pay to Higher Education Institutions the public contribution towards tuition fees for England, Wales and Northern Ireland; and pay to Further Education Institutions the public contribution for England;
  • Pay bursaries and scholarships on behalf of Higher and Further Education providers;
  • Work in partnership with HMRC to ensure repayments are collected on time from all those due to repay under the Income Contingent Repayment Loan Scheme;
  • Manage the direct collection of voluntary additional repayments, repayments for those living overseas, and recovery of overpaid loans or grants;
  • Provide expert operational advice and high quality data and information to support Administrations’ policy making and analysis; and
  • Undertake specific tasks for individual Administrations, such as payment of Education Maintenance Allowances in Wales and Northern Ireland and administer on behalf of the private sector any sold portfolios of Income Contingent Repayment (ICR) and Mortgage Style (MSL) loans.

We have shared UK requirements to:

  • Ensure payment of the right amount of support, to the right people at the right time;
    (In conjunction with HMRC), ensure repayment of the right amount of Income Contingent Repayment loan balances at the right time, minimising the cost to the taxpayer by reducing collection “frictions” which impact on our respective Resource Accounting and Budgeting charges for loans;
  • Provide a service designed to meet the needs of the customer, so that high levels of customer satisfaction are achieved for all customers at all stages of the customer journey;
  • Provide an efficient and effective service that delvers value for money for funding organisations and strikes a balance between cost and other success measures;
  • Use technology and improved business processes to streamline the student finance system, make service improvements and improve the customer experience;
  • Put in place measures to effectively prevent, detect and deter fraud;
  • Implement policy and operational change smoothly;
  • Sustain and improve current business processes and systems to ensure that they remain fit for the purpose of delivering student support until their replacement.