Classes of information

Below is a summary defining the Classes of Information covered by our Publication Scheme and the information covered by each class.

More detail on the information available can be found by navigating through the Class pages:

  1. The services we offer
    • Our primary roles
    • Customer information
  2. Who we are and what we do
    • Organisational structure
    • Locations and contacts
    • News and views
    • External contacts
    • Legislation
  3. What we spend and how we spend it
    • Annual accounts
    • External supplier information
  4. What our priorities are and how we are doing
    • Delivery strategy
    • Corporate plan
    • Framework
  5. Our policies and procedures
    • Information Retention Policy
    • Freedom of Information policy
    • Data Protection Policy
  6. How we make our decisions
    • Governance
    • Boards
    • Meetings