How we make decisions

This section covers the way in which SLC makes decisions including:

  1. the corporate decision making process;
  2. governance; and
  3. the minutes of meetings of SLC's board.

Corporate Decision Making Process

SLC's objectives and performance targets, and the resources it will be provided with to deliver these, are outlined in the Annual Performance and Resources Agreement which can be found at About Us/Remit.


As an Executive Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB), SLC's control framework is set out in the Framework Document, which can be found at About Us/Remit.

SLC Board

Minutes of meetings

Information relating to all of these categories is available in the following formats - web, paper copy and CD Rom.

See Corporate Information - available formats (PDF 48 kB) for full details.
(An administrative charge applies for paper copy or CD Rom).