Priorities and Performance

This section will include information on our:

Strategy and performance

SLC's objectives and performance targets, and the resources it will be provided with to deliver these, are outlined in the: Annual Performance and Resources Agreement together with past objectives and performance targets for the last 3 years.

Quality performance indicators

We have four strategic aims and six strategic enablers which are reviewed on a monthly basis. Our next Annual Report will provide a narrative of our performance for the last year and explain measures and targets for the next financial year.

Plans and corporate objectives

Our Corporate and Business Plan 2018-19 to 2020-21 sets out the medium term direction and strategy for the organisation, in addition to the detailed objectives and initiatives we will deliver in the immediate year ahead.


As part of our monthly Customer Satisfaction Survey, we conduct an ongoing survey of customers in order to track the service we have providing to them and their satisfaction. The questions we ask about our service consequently vary depending upon the service provided. We collate the answers they give to these questions about the service they received and try to identify areas where we can make improvements.

Inspections and reviews

SLC publishes National Statistics products as Statistical First Releases (SFRs) on behalf of BIS and the devolved administrations. The SFRs include information on:

  • Student Loans debt and repayment; and
  • Student Finance awards (loan rates, loan take up, grants awarded, etc).

Information relating to these categories is available in the following formats - web, paper copy and CD-Rom.
See Priorities and performance - available formats (PDF 48.0kB) for full details.
(An administrative charge applies for paper copy or CD-Rom).