FOI Disclosure Log 2014

Information released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in 2014

December 2014

Request reference: 238-14
Date of response: 18/12/2014
Request: Student loan over-repayment data, tax years 2008/09 to 2012/13

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May 2014

Request reference: 76-14
Date of response: 06/05/2014
Request: Copy of the conditions associated with student loans taken between 1995 and 1998 (under the Education (Student Loans) Act 1990)

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Request reference: 44-14
Date of response: 01/05/2014
Request: Student finance application data for academic years 2010/11 to 2012/13 by Higher Education Institution and country of address outside the UK

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April 2014

Request reference: 62-14
Date of response: 14/04/2014
Request: Data on Glasgow based contact centre advisers by skillsets and pay, and company policy on upskilling employees

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March 2014

Request reference: 42-14
Date of response: 19/03/2014
Request: Data relating to Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA) for academic year 2012/13, including total expenditure, number of students in receipt of DSA, number of allowances awarded and average expenditure per student, for England, Wales and Northern Ireland

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February 2014

Request reference: 08-14

Date of response: 11/02/2014

Request: Credit card spent in financial years 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-2014 (to January 2014)

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Facilities Card Spend Travel Card Spend Purchasing Card Spend

January 2014

Request reference: 154-13

Date of response: 15/01/2014
Request: Number of needs assessments for each DSA-QAG accredited assessment centres in 2013

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Request reference: 150-13
Date of response: 07/01/2014
Request: Data relating to recipients of Childcare Grant and Parents' Learning Allowance, by marital status, ethnicity and refugee status, for academic years 2012/13 and 2013/14 (provisional)

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