FOI Disclosure Log 2016

Information released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in 2016

October 2016

Request reference: 111-16
Date of response: 05/10/2016
Request: Student loan over-repayment data, tax year 2014/15


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FOI Data 111-16

September 2016

Request reference: 108-16
Date of response: 30/09/2016
Request: Student loan over-repayment refunds data, financial years 2011-12 to 2015-16:


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FOI Data 108-16

April 2016

Request reference: 31-16
Date of response: 04/04/2016
Request: The number of EU students in England receiving a tuition fee loan by EU country


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FOI Data 31-16

March 2016

Request reference: 22-16

Date of response: 07/03/2016
RequestNumber of needs assessment conducted by each needs assessment centre in academic year 2015/16

FOI 22-16 response FOI 22-16 data

February 2016

Request reference: 21-16
Date of response: 12/02/2016 (follow-up response issued 08/03/2016)
Request: Software provided through Disabled Students' Allowance

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FOI Data 21-16