Essential information for students: rights under consumer law in the spotlight

Essential information for undergraduate students on their rights under consumer law when applying for university or higher education courses is now available.

16 March 2015

Essential information for students on their rights under consumer law

Undergraduate students generally have consumer rights, they should expect and are entitled to fair treatment from university or higher education providers.

Choosing the right undergraduate course and university is an important decision: it usually involves a one-off decision followed by a commitment of a lot of time and money over the next few years. It can be difficult to change if a student is dissatisfied.

Universities who do not meet their obligations may be in breach of consumer law.

The following accessible student information from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) helps students get up to speed on their rights under consumer protection law. It highlights what to look out for when choosing and taking a higher education course, being treated fairly and what students can do if things go wrong.

The CMA has also produced a 60-second summary and longer advice with detailed information to help UK Higher education providers comply with consumer protection law.