Student Loans Company Hosts Digital Repayment Surgeries

27 October 2014

The Student Loans Company is hosting dedicated online surgeries to assist students and former students with questions on repaying their loans.

The Company will be sending around 100,000 repayment packs to former students across the UK next month who are due to start repayment and will be running the surgeries on The Student Room throughout November to assist with customer questions.

Kevin O’Connor, Head of Repayment at the Student Loans Company, said: “There are currently almost two million people repaying their student loans across the UK and last year alone we collected £1.7 billion from customers across the UK.

“Our dedicated repayment advisors will help with questions from how repayment works, how much you repay and when as well as how much interest you pay on your loans.

“Student loan repayment depends on many factors including the year you started university and on the type of loan you took out. If it was taken out after 1998 it’s known as an Income Contingent Loan and you normally repay through your monthly salary with deductions being made by your employer.

“We want to help anyone with a general query and would also urge customers to have a look at our repayment website to get information on what applies to them and get familiar with the terms and conditions of their loans, depending on their own circumstances.

"Many customers have questions when they’re nearing the end of their loan repayment. We would advise anyone who is in the last two years of repaying their loan to switch to our direct debit scheme to avoid overpayment.”

To ask any questions about loan repayment, join our surgeries on 12th, 19th and 26th November which will run on The Student Room’s student finance zone: