Official statistics

We publish official statistics about the financial support received by students/ learners and the progress of student loan debt and repayment.

In September 2018, SLC proposed to make changes to the annual statistics series called Student Support for Higher Education (England, Wales, Northern Ireland) starting with the publications in November 2018.

Further information is available in our notice of proposed changes: Notification of Change to Student Support Publications

Upcoming publications

Expected publication dates for the next releases for each of our statistical series

England Further Education finance

Series: Advanced Learner Loans paid in England: academic year 2018/19, August to April inclusive
The next release is planned for 27 June 2019

Statistic on student loans debt and repayment by Financial year

Series: Student loans debt and repayment 
The next release for England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland are planned for 13 June 2019

Statistics on the financial support awarded to students/learners by Academic Year

Series: Student Support for Higher Education Finance for England, Northern Ireland and Wales 

The next release is planned for November 2019