Stakeholders & Partners

SLC's Stakeholders are any individual or group with a vested interest in the outcome of our work. This places our focus on organisations in Government and in the HE and FE sectors. Our stakeholders play a key role in enabling us to deliver a good service to our customers. We want to involve you in our journey to transform into a digital, customer focused centre of excellence and to let you know what is happening in the student finance service in a straightforward, accessible way.

We value the close relationships and working partnership we have developed with our stakeholders and partners as they help us to deliver more effective, joined-up services for our customers. Our stakeholders and partners can:

  • provide feedback on our services
  • suggest future improvements and changes to our student finance service
  • share knowledge on the wider higher education and further education environment
  • highlight risks and suggest how to mitigate issues
  • provide communication channels to our customers
  • act as champions and advocates for our services

Meet your FI Partner Account Manager.