2014/15 Student Fiance England DSA Applications

25 September 2015

BIS has recently become aware of a number of applications for DSAs for 2014/15 after the student has completed the year. Some of these applications may have been made in error, some may have been delayed or students may be applying belatedly for 2014/15 for other reasons. SLC has been asked to put in place some interim measures, in order to ensure students applying for DSA support from Student Finance England are being assessed correctly and for the correct academic year.

From Monday 28th September 2015, study needs assessors are asked to assess any students presenting with a Student Finance England DSA1 letter for 2014/15 under the 2015/16 guidance unless there is evidence that the student has incurred additional expenditure for 2014/15 that is fundable through DSAs. Where additional costs that are fundable through DSAs are identified, the assessment will be progressed as normal. Where no additional expenditure for 2014/15 has been identified, the student will go on to be assessed as a 2015/16 student.

This will ensure that students are assessed for the correct year, and in the majority of cases without having to complete another application form. BIS and SLC will also be considering how communications can be improved for 2016/17 to help students better understand how and when they should apply for support.

Non standard starters
If the student is a non standard starter e.g. January/April/July, and is still studying within the 14/15 academic year, this update does not apply and they can continue to be assessed using the 14/15 rules.