Exclusive arrangements with non-medical help (NMH) suppliers

Exclusive arrangements with non-medical help (NMH) suppliers

13 October 2015

In March/April 2015 SLC wrote to all institutions with exclusive arrangements with non-medical help (NMH) suppliers asking them to bring these arrangements to an end. This formed part of BIS’s wider work with the sector on a package of changes to reform the provision of NMH for disabled students, ensuring value for money and a consistent standard of NMH for disabled students. You can read more about this work here.

A number of institutions either did not respond to the letters about exemptions or responded indicating that they were content to implement the two quote policy.  Those institutions are now complying with the two-quote policy.  Some institutions asked BIS to consider an extension to their existing exemption and a range of reasons were put forward for consideration.  BIS considered all the concerns raised but concluded that none of the issues highlighted provided sufficient cause for maintaining an exemption indefinitely. However, to provide institutions with time to introduce any administrative changes necessary before the two quote policy is fully in force, the following extensions have now been agreed with those institutions that requested an extension:   

  • Institutions with exclusive arrangements with external NMH suppliers have been granted an extension to their exemption until 27 November 2015.
  • Institutions where NMH provision is primarily provided by staff directly employed by the institution have been granted an extension to their exemption until 31 January 2016.

Study Needs Assessors should continue to provide recommendations and two quotes for NMH in the normal way. You should continue to generate two quotes for all students regardless of whether their institution has an exemption in place, as previously advised. If you are unsure as to which institution has an exception in place you can refer to the NMH Two Quotes Exemption list on the practitioners’ site.

SLC will continue to maintain this list and advise practitioners when changes are made.

These changes relate solely to Student Finance England. There is no change to the Student Finance Wales NMH supplier quote policy.