Extra Support Available for new Student Finance England applicants - Apply Now!

01 April 2015

Top tips for new students

Are you applying to university or college? If you have a disability, long-term health condition, mental-health condition or specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, extra help is available in the form of Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs). And these don't have to be paid back.

DSAs are grants to help you meet the extra course costs you might face as a result of your condition and can help pay for:

  • specialist equipment you need for studying, like computer software
  • non-medical helpers, for example, a note-taker or reader
  • additional travel costs you pay as a direct result of your disability
  • other costs like photocopying or printer cartridges

If you think you qualify, then you should apply for DSAs now!

The process can take around 14 weeks to complete, so apply as soon as possible to make sure you have everything in place for starting your course..

Continuing students

Your DSA support will automatically be in place for next year. Just indicate on your main online student finance application that you want the support to continue. If you are receiving DSAs only, part-time or post-graduate you will need to re-apply each year.

If you haven't already applied for your main loans and grants, apply now online to make sure you have all your money in place by the start of term in the autumn.

DSA only, part-time or post-graduate customers need to re-apply each year - go online and download a form now.

Tools and resources for students

For a range of helpful tools and guidance visit our dedicated student finance zone at www.thestudentroom.co.uk/studentfinance

Read our new, interactive quick start guides at www.sfengland.slc.co.uk/quickstartguides

You can also watch our ‘Disabled Students' Allowances’ playlist

Remember: Apply as soon as you can to ensure that you have everything you need in place for the start of your course.

Tools and resources for practitioners

There are a range of resources for you to help students apply for DSAs, available at www.practitioners.slc.co.uk/products