Resources for Clearing

Student Finance England have created specific advice and resources on the Clearing process.

16 July 2015

With the UCAS Clearing process fast approaching, SLC wants to support its stakeholders and students during this busy time of year and have created specific advice and resources on the Clearing process.

For those applying through Clearing, our customer messages are:

  • If you get a place at university or college through the Clearing process and you haven't applied for student finance you need to apply now at It takes at least six weeks to process your application, but we’ll do an initial assessment so you have some money as close to the start of your course as possible.
  • If you've already applied for student finance but your course, university, college or tuition fee loan amount have changed due to the Clearing process, you'll need to tell us of the changes. Login to your online student finance account to change your student finance application at

Please use these messages on your websites and in student face communications

Support for practitioners:

We have created a new leaflet on Clearing that can be viewed and downloaded here. Please print this off and include it in information packs, offer letters and other communications with your students.

We also have a new film about Student Finance and Clearing that you can view here. Please share it through your various communication channels.

To support practitioners, Student Finance England has a number of resources to help you advise students what finance is available and how to apply. You can access a range of handy guides, factsheets, presentations and films at which are regularly updated and are free to download.