Changes to estranged students evidence validation process

Changes to estranged students evidence validation process

03 May 2016

The Student Loans Company (SLC) are changing the evidence validation process for full time HE students who will be applying for Student Finance England and Student Finance Wales funding as estranged students.

Starting from this academic year (2016/17) there will be some significant improvements which will make the application process for estranged students a more customer-friendly experience.

  • Estranged students who return and apply for support in the following academic years of their course, and who confirm their situation has not changed as part of their application will not generally be asked to provide evidence again. Academic year 2016/17 applications will be reviewed and if full evidence has been supplied in academic year 2015/16 - no further evidence will be requested and the student’s declaration of continued estrangement will be accepted.  If SLC require some confirmation of continued estrangement we will write to the student to request this.
  • New students requesting to be considered estranged will be asked to provide supporting evidence from an independent third party in the first instance as usual. If the student has difficulty in providing robust evidence SLC will contact the student to discuss and help them to review other possibilities. SLC will give contact details of a named Estrangement Assessor to the student at this point to provide a consistent point of contact. If no or minimal evidence of estrangement can be sourced a telephone review will be arranged at a convenient time to enable SLC make their assessment. 
  • Students who have a telephone review to confirm their estrangement (i.e. who were unable to provide full third party evidence), will be contacted in the following academic year to seek any updated evidence. If such a student is unable to provide further evidence of estrangement in the subsequent academic year of their course, they will be contacted to confirm their circumstances through another telephone review.

This process change was implemented from April 2016. If you are aware of any students who have been asked to submit evidence please encourage them to respond to SLC, which will initiate a further review of their application following the new process.