New student loans repayment information - available now

New student loans repayment information - available now

10 November 2015

The terms of loan repayment for some courses of study started before 1 September 2012, and those started after 1 September 2012, are different.  We refer to these different terms as repayment 'Plan 1' and repayment 'Plan 2'.

We’ll shortly be writing to all customers who are due to enter repayment in April 2016, to provide them with information on repayments and direct them to our new web page

The information within this website allows all students to get the information they need about repayments, specific to their circumstances and plan type.

Please direct students you are in touch with to this information by embedding a link to the new repayment information on your website. 

To access our repayment pack with instructions for embedding the link go here for the English version and here for a version in Welsh.

What’s changed?

The new repayment information will allow customers to easily identify the repayment plan type they have, by using our new tool, which will then direct them to repayment information relevant to their circumstances.  Information for Plan 1 customers as been re-developed to make it clearer and more user-friendly. 

For Plan 2 customers we have developed a new online Repayment Quick Start Guide.  The guide simplifies the repayment journey, breaking it down into easy steps. It includes key information customers need about how repayment works including information on repaying from abroad and repaying both a Plan 1 and a Plan 2 loan.   

The design mimics an ‘app’, making it user-friendly and easy to share on mobile devices.  We’ve also included a series of videos within the guide, delivering high-level information on repaying, interest and repaying from overseas.