Student Finance Application Processing Performance – June 2015

Student Finance Application Processing Performance – June 2015

18 June 2015

This update provides information on the performance of Student Loans Company’s (SLC) application process to date, as well as information on call handling and our customer satisfaction levels.

AY 2015/16 Application Cycle

As at 7 June, we have received approximately 62% of the Student Finance England full-time applications we expect to receive for academic year 2015/16.  We expect application volumes to continue to increase as we approach the continuing student deadline on 30 June.  

For Student Finance Wales (SFW), we have now passed the deadline dates for applications from both new and continuing students. As at 7 June, we have received approximately 64% of the SFW full-time applications expected for AY 2015/16, which is slightly ahead of forecasted volumes.

Call volumes from our customers have been lower than forecast for both the SFE and SFW services.  Fewer customers are calling us as a result of the improvements we have made to the online service, the success of our marketing campaign and improved guidance within the online application. One of the key areas we have improved is the password reset process, which has made it easier for our customers to reset passwords without the need to call for support.

Customer satisfaction with the online service

Customer feedback from the newly developed online application for student finance for academic year 2015/16 is continuing to show an improved level of satisfaction as compared to AY 2014/15.  The year-to-date average performance rating is 81.8%, which is 4.3% higher than customer satisfaction for the 2014/15 cycle (77.5%). 

AY 2014/15 Application Cycle

As at 8 June, SLC have made Tuition Fee Loan payments to universities and colleges totalling £8 billion and maintenance funding payments to students totalling £6.9 billion.

What’s coming up?

Launch of Part-time Grants for all domiciles – planned for end of June 2015

Applications for Part-time Grants will be open from end of June for the following students:

  • SFE continuing students, who started their course before 1 September 2012, and are applying for a Fee Grant and Course Grant;
  • SFW continuing students who started a part-time course before 1 September 2014 will be able to apply for a Fee Grant. They may also be eligible for a Course Grant;
  • All part-time students applying for Student Finance Northern Ireland (SFNI) funding