Disabled Students Assistive Technology Stakeholder Group (Assistive Technology Sub Group)

The Disabled Students Assistive Technology Stakeholder Sub Group works with the DSSG to advise on new assistive technology (AT) strategies and developments.

The purpose of the sub group is to:

  • Investigate opportunities for AT strategies to support students with a range of impairments and impact on progression and achievement;
  • Keep the DSSG and SLC aware of new AT developments which may necessitate changes to DSA recommendations;
  • Keep abreast of HEIs use of new technology and course related software, its application in learning and teaching and the implications of same for disabled students;
  • Draw upon research and related feedback on supply and use of new technology and strategies;
  • Explore the delivery of IT Tutoring and the related need to expand to include new software developments and strategies (linking with the other strand of DSSG work on non medical helper roles, training and costs);
  • Explore sub group members' experience of AT and highlight issues that may be impacting on students and refer these to DSSG/SLC suggesting how these could be addressed and improvements could be made
  • Provide insights and expertise for input to the design of future changes and improvements
  • To do all such acts and things as are necessary for the transaction of the business of the Working Group or the furtherance of its objects.


Assistive Technology Subgroup Chair

Catherine Salisbury

Academics Registrars Council ARC

British Assistive Technology Association

Sion Evans

BATA (supplier)

British Assistive Technology Association

Mark McCusker

BATA (manufacturer)

British Assistive Technology Association

John Farrar


British Assistive Technology Association

Rick Bell BATA

Independent Assessment Centres

Paul Dilley


National Network of Assessment Centres

Daniel Parrott


The Consortium of Higher Education Support Services with Deaf Students

Natalya Dell


University Mental Health Advisors Network

Lydia Pell


Autism & Uni Project

Marc Fabri

Diversity and Ability Ltd - mobility

Adam Hyland

British Dyslexia Association 

Sue Flohr


Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties

Lynn Greenwold


Student Loans Company

Amy Hedges


Student Loans Company

Dawn Anderson


Meeting dates

The sub group meetings take the form of a monthly teleconference with the option of a yearly face to face meeting.

Key outputs from previous meeting

19th September 2018

A capacity issue had been raised regarding the running of Zoom Text and Dragon software simultaneously, where they exceeded current spec.  A solid state drive (SSD) was under consideration, and this would eliminate the problem.  New solutions were being sought out, and SSD upgrade requests were being submitted, and approved, more often.

Testing was needed on Visual Impairment (VI) software.

A spending review was underway at DfE (Department for Education).