Make a repayment

Find out other repayment methods

Any other repayments you make are voluntary and in addition to any scheduled repayments you already make through your wages or by Direct Debit. Voluntary repayments can’t be refunded..

One-off repayment

You can make a one-off repayment to your student loan at any time using:

  • a debit card;
  • cheque or postal order; or
  • an international bank transfer, if you are abroad.

By debit card

You can make a card payment by logging in to your online account. We accept Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Maestro, Mastercard Debit and Laser (Euro). There’s no charge for using debit card. If you, or someone else, would like to make a repayment towards your loan without logging in to your online account, it’s possible to Make a card repayment using just your surname and customer reference number.

By cheque or postal order

Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to Student Loans Company Limited.

Please write your Customer Reference Number or Student Support Number on the back of your cheque or postal order and send it to:

Finance Department
Student Loans Company Limited
100 Bothwell Street
G2 7JD

By international bank transfer (IBAN)

We can accept bank transfers from abroad. You must include your Customer Reference Number as a reference so we can apply the repayment to your account.
You’ll need to contact your bank to arrange this type of repayment and they may charge you for the service.
If you’re making a repayment from outside of the EEA, our bank (NatWest) will charge a processing fee of £7. Please ensure this amount is added to the minimum repayment you’re scheduled to make.

You will need the following details to set this up:

  • Sort Code: 60-70-80
  • Account number: 10027254
  • IBAN number: GB37NWBK60708010027254

NatWest address:

Government Banking Services Branch
2nd Floor
280 Bishopsgate

Regular monthly repayments

You can setup a regular monthly repayment to your student loan by Direct Debit or using a debit or credit card online by logging in to your account.

You can also setup a standing order with your bank. Download and complete the standing order form and give it to your bank.

You must include one of the following as a reference number so we can apply the repayment to your account:

  • Customer Reference Number
  • GR Number, only if the payment is towards a grant overpayment
  • Loan Account Number, only if the payment is towards a specific loan

How direct repayments are applied to your balance

When you make a repayment directly to SLC, the way the money is applied to your balance depends on the status of your account. Find out more about the way direct repayments are allocated to your balance.

Pay off your loan in full

If you want to pay off your student loan you must call us to get an up-to-date settlement figure first.
If you’ve been repaying through your salary, before you call make sure you have available:

  • your last P60; and
  • all of your pay slips for the current financial year.

We need this information to allow us to calculate an accurate settlement figure for you.

For a settlement figure


0300 100 0611 (Monday to Friday - 08:00 until 20:00); or

0300 100 0370 (Monday to Friday - 06:00 until 18:00) if you live in Wales